Erez Zilber wrote:
>> With that patch you can do both. module_params are exposed in sysfs and
>> if you set IWUSR then you can write to it.
>> echo 1 > /sys/module/libiscsi/debug_libiscsi
>> to turn on
>> echo 0 > /sys/module/libiscsi/debug_libiscsi
>> to turn off.
> OK, thanks.
>>> We can have separate logging for stuff like login, scsi, error
>>> handling, connection state etc.
>> Send a patch. Note that right now each module has its own logging param.
>> So the higher level libiscsi stuff has one. The common iscsi over tcp
>> module libiscsi_tcp has one, then iscsi_tcp has its own. You may want to
>> merge them all into one or make it so you can turn it on/off at each
>> layer/level.
> I've attached a patch that add 2 more module parameters to libiscsi,
> so now we have conn, session & eh events. Later, we can add more
> logging events. If you're ok with this fix, I will send another patch
> that fixes the broken compat patches. BTW - which compat patches are
> still maintained?
Hey Erez,

In iscsi_eh_target_reset

         ISCSI_DBG_SESSION(session, "wait for relogin\n");

Should this be a ISCSI_DBG_EH?

And in iscsi_exec_task_mgmt_fn:

         ISCSI_DBG_SESSION(session, "tmf set timeout\n");

should this one be a EH?

if so I can just manually change them when I merge the patch.

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