On Jun 11, 1:29 am, Mike Christie <micha...@cs.wisc.edu> wrote:
> On 06/09/2009 09:24 AM, tweyergraf wrote:
> So after the releasing session entry you get the glibc free error
> message, right?

Yes, exactly. iscsid crashes precisely in the function session_release
in initiator.c. I have wrapped the calls to
iscsi_conn_context_free() and free() calles in this function with my
own log_debug calls. The call of free(session) *sometimes* causes the
Currently, i am about to setup a dedicated test-system to facilitate
the possibility of further tests. I think by
monday next week, i could do further investigations. If you want me to
do something to find out more about this issue, feel free ;)
I have used open-iscsi quit intensively and never had such a problem.
But this problem occurs on quit a few different systems ( about 10 ).
Some are XEN Dom0's some dedicated hosts. They connect to Linux-IET
targets as well as to ou EMC storage-backend. The error occurs with
both target-types. I am also fairly certain, that we can rule-out
networking issus, since the systems are on different networks with
different network-setups. Also, the problem arises with the Centos
open-iscsi packages, as well as self-build open-iscsi versions 870.3
and 871-test4.

As stated previously, iscsid runs stable, if I comment-out the two
functioncalls above in session_release(). Of course, I am leaking
memory in iscsid if I login to new targets ( which fortunatly does not
happen often enough).

Feel free to request more tests, give suggestions or ask for more

Thanks again for paying attention.

Thomas Weyergraf
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