On 06/11/2009 07:41 PM, Mike Christie wrote:
> Hey,
> It seems like we have a lot of members on the list that are not kernel
> developers, but we now have 5 iscsi drivers (qla4xxx, bnx2i, cxgb3i,
> iscsi_tcp and ib_iser) with another being written. So it seems like we
> are going to have lots of patches. I would also like to start sending my
> kernel patches out in a way that everyone can see them. Previously to
> avoid noise on this list, I have been pinging you guys privately which
> just does not work so well now when we have so many people.
> What do you people think?

As someone more interested in the userspace side of open-iscsi I sure
wouldn't mind missing all the kernel driver patches, actually I would welcome
that, less mail is more :)



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