On 06/12/2009 07:10 AM, Rakesh Ranjan wrote:
> Mike Christie wrote:
>> On 06/09/2009 12:50 PM, Benjamin Li wrote:
>>> Hi Rakesh,
>>> Your idea of eliminating the 'brcm_iscsiuio' daemon and integrating that
>>> code as a shared library into iscsid is a great idea.  Just having the
>>> iscsid daemon to configure and run would make it easier for the end
>>> user.  But pushing for this would be an long term goal for me because
>>> currently, I do not have enough free cycles to accomplish this in the
>>> foreseeable future.
>>> The following changes would need to occur for this idea to work:
>>> *  change iscsid to recognize the new configuration options
>>> *  eliminate the UNIX socket layer code between 'brcm_iscsiuio' and
>>> iscsid and replace it with new code so that the uIP could directly
>>> access iscsid data
>>> *  stabilize the uIP code so that a crash/hang doesn't take down iscsid,
>>> also the uIP code still is changing and should be stabilized
>>> *  continue to separate the uIP stack with hardware specific UIO code.
>>> *  change uIP utility functions (ie. logging, wrappers) to use the
>>> routines provided by iscsid.
>>> I think it is a great idea, if I or someone get some time to work on
>>> this, I think it would make the iscsi offload solution much simpler.
>> I like this idea too. I can help.
> Hi Mike,
> What's your opinion about interfaces, that iscsid should provide to
> support uIP/vendor library scheme. I am working on this, it would be
> helpful to have your thoughts on it.

At this point I am not sure. What are you guys planning on using from 
their uip and where are you guys breaking from it? Maybe a rough draft 
implemtnation would be good. It does not have to work or even compile. 
Just something high level (even a RFC email would do) so I can get a 
idea of what craziness everyone is doing :)

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