> > 
> > On RHEL 5.3 and newer, upstream and probably ubuntu (not sure what
> > version is in there), you can do
> > 
> > iscsiadm -m session -r $SID --rescan
> > 
> Mike -
> The target can initiates a UNIT ATTENTION with additional sense as
> "Report LUN data changed", I don't see that currently being handled by
> the SCSI-ML. 

You get that in dmesg? Or is that something the aray can do, but you
have to configure it?
> A rescan may not be necessary if this information is received by the
> open-iscsi.

Huh? Why not? I mean if the LUN changed (it changed size for example),
don't you want to rescan the LUN to pick up the changes?

Thought where this is handled is bit complex. You can either handle it
in the kernel (and have to deal with re-syncing all of the structures
related to the block disk), or run a user-land program that deletes the
old block disks and re-creates it (by kicking of a REPORT_LUN scan).

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