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>> On 06/12/2009 01:16 AM, TheR wrote:
>>> Using open-iscsi as initiator on ubuntu 9.04.
>>> I want to set up virtual environment with iscsi target server which
>> is
>>> ubuntu based. On target decided to use single tid under which I
>> create
>>> multple LUN-s, which represent disks used by initiator which is KVM
>>> server. One LUN becomes a disk used by one virtual machine on KVM
>>> server.
>>> My problem is when I create new LUN on target (under same tid), this
>>> LUN doesn't get recognized by initiator without restarting initiator
>>> iscsi service. Which in return breaks all curently running machines
>> on
>>> KVM server.
>>> I have seen same behaviour on Red Hat 5.1.
>> On RHEL 5.3 and newer, upstream and probably ubuntu (not sure what
>> version is in there), you can do
>> iscsiadm -m session -r $SID --rescan
> Mike -
> The target can initiates a UNIT ATTENTION with additional sense as
> "Report LUN data changed", I don't see that currently being handled by
> the SCSI-ML.
> A rescan may not be necessary if this information is received by the
> open-iscsi.
> Do you have a background on the SCSI-ML part ?

If the unit attention comes in a iscsi async pdu, then we handle it 
today in iscsid by kicking off a rescan which adds new devices. It does 
not delete stale ones, because the scsi-ml sysfs scan interface does not 
do this.

If the unit attention comes with scsi command sense like normal, people 
have been working on it like here:

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