Hi All,
        I installed SLES11 on a single path to a dual path iSCSI disk.
Then I modified node.startup to "automatic" in the /etc/iscsi/iscsd.conf
file and ran 'iscsiadm -m discovery ...' followed by 'chkconfig
boot.open-iscsi on && chkconfig open-iscsi on' and then ran 'mkinitrd' to
create a new initrd with multipath support at this point.

Is this a recommended procedure?

With that, the system boots fine but the shutdown/reboot hangs. Upon
closer inspection, I found that /etc/init.d/boot.open-iscsi sets
node.conn[0].startup to "onboot" but leaves node.startup to "automatic"
in my case. This causes the /etc/init.d/open-iscsi script logout from
the root disk on reboot causing the hang! Fixing the boot.open-iscsi
fixed the problem. Is this a good solution?

Thanks, Malahal.

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