Hi Mike,

> This failed, because iscsid crashed. iscsid crashed because the kernel oops.
> When you used the loopback maybe we did not connect and so we never even
> got this far. Above using a real target we at least made the tcp/ip
> connection. We oopsd just trying to talk to the kernel when we wanted to
> tell it to create some structs.
> Are you using gcc? Was there some bug in the network code on arm?
gcc ? not at the same time ... but as usual yes to compile ... when I
try to compile inside my Qnap it's a gcc 4.2.3 using cross-compile
it's the gcc provide by codesourcery seems to be 4.3.3 ...

for bug in network code .. no idea (Qnap provide a source tree but no
information about how they build kernel) and don't manage to upgrade
the kernel ....
but for information ... Qnap is a NAS, so networking is the base of
its activity, and soft iscsi-targets run fine ...

I think I am not able to provide more informations .... so I stop my
try ....
just remember, when you have time, about my previous problem,
unsolved, that open-iscsi require root user and no other name (like
admin in Qnap) for uid 0, even it's possible to workaround by adding a
duplicate uid 0 named root.

Thanks again for your help.

have success in your good job.
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