I'm using open-iscsi initiator (version 2.0-870.3) with LIO (linux-
iscsi.org) iscsi target.

I have two initiators talking to LIO target on different GE

iSCSI target has two SAS disks and has setup access control so that
each initiator is allowed to access only one disk

When the first initiator tries to login, it is successful and it sees
the first disk. No issues.
When the second one tries to login, login is OK but it doesn't get any
disk access. The mesg on the LIO target side is
"Unable to find Active iSCSI LUN: 0x00000000 on iSCSI TPG: 1"

It seems like both of the initiators are requesting target to allow
access to LUN #0 (first disk).

Can someone please tell me how/where do I change the config of
initiator to tell it login to LUN #1 (and not the default LUN #0)?

Thanks a lot.
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