First of all, sorry for my late reply, but unfortunately, I have been
busy doing other things.
> My patch had a bug.
> > Feel free to request further tests and/or information.
> Could you retry your test without the patch. Before you run your test do
> # ls /sys/class/iscsi_session
> If there are session dirs in there, then check if iscsid is running
> # ps -u root | grep iscsid
> if iscsid is running then logout
> # iscsiadm -m node -u
> Then kill iscsid (either just do killall iscisd or service iscsi stop),
> then restart it (run iscsid or run service iscsi start), then restart
> your login and logout tests.
> Also could you let me know if the 'ls' showed any running sessions.

I did that numerous times with the original version, without your
patch and without my dirty hack. It did not change the situation. The
logs I uploaded, may have shown tests with already open sessions, but
that does not affect the problem. If you want, I can provide actual
data with a fresh (as in no-sessions-open) iscsid-run.

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