On 06/20/2009 09:13 AM, Stefan wrote:
> Am Samstag 20 Juni 2009 12:53:45 schrieb Stefan:
> okay, have it: I copied the configs from another machine and did a iscsi
> restart doing discover:
> iscsiadm  -m discovery -t st -p
>,1 iqn.2006-01.com.openfiler:tsn.e1ed9b1eb42c
>,1 iqn.from10-100-100-4.com.openfiler:tsn.1391acfee1c6
>,1 iqn.fromlenny.com.openfiler:tsn.7480be2c6f3f
> dont know, what was wrong with the old config
> but nothing is mounted and I can not find a log entry . How can I mount the
> scsi device now? fdisk -l shows no such scsi device.

After you do discovery, then you can login to the target to find disks. 
When you do

iscsiadm -m node ... -l
iscsiadm -m node -L all/manual/automatic
service iscsi start

then iscsid will login into those targets you found when you did 
discovery. iscsid will also then have the scsi layer do a scsi scan and 
search for disks. If it finds them then you can mount and use them like 
a local disk. If you are not seeing any disks then you probably have not 
set something up right in openfiler.

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