I'm trying to debug a problem that we have with iscsiadm: I'm running
open-iscsi against multiple targets. At some point, I'm closing the
connection from one of the targets (i.e. on the target side). Then, I
try to logout from the initiator side, but something goes wrong. The
last thing that iscsiadm does it call recv from iscsid_response and it
doesn't return (at least not after 10 minutes). I also see that in the
kernel, __iscsi_unbind_session calls scsi_remove_target and doesn't
return. I guess that this causes iscsiadm to wait on the recv call.

BTW - I'm not running with the latest code. My HEAD is commit
ef0357c4728ebba1a4b91a7f6d69c729a5f9e6e3. I don't know if any relevant
bug fixes were made lately.


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