There are lots of messages about look at this video or click here to see 
some pop star in her nude video.
For the most part my spam filters do a good job in keeping the crap out 
but because the open-iscsi list has been good for the most part I think 
it has become auto-whitelisted.
I also have to run my spam filter a little bit more open to make sure I 
don't get false positives since I am a sysadmin here.
I could go digging to fix it but the list should not be generating spam 
in either case.

Ulrich Windl wrote:
> It may depend on what you consider as SPAM, but I get no (undetected) SPAM 
> from 
> that list. As I thow away SPAM before reading, I don't really care where it 
> came 
> from.
> Ulrich
> On 24 Jun 2009 at 13:31, Alvin Starr wrote:
>> There seems to be a lot of spam coming through the open-iscsi mail list.
>> Any chance of getting something done about this?
>> -- 
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>> Interlink Connectivity        ||   fax:   (416)585-9974
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> >

Alvin Starr                   ||   voice: (416)585-9971x690
Interlink Connectivity        ||   fax:   (416)585-9974              ||

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