On 07/10/2009 10:08 AM, vampouille wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a Broadcom netxtreme ii card, this card is well configured :
> during boot the network card bios successfully connect to the iSCSI
> target (login success). After linux boot, on the iSCSI target, a QNAP
> NAS, I see a state 'connected' so I can't connect with the tcp
> transport. I think the broadcom card is correctly connect to the nas.

The bnx2i driver was not added until 2.6.30, and it still has not been 
completely added to the upstream open-iscsi.org tools. Chelsio and 
broadcom are working on common code to support their offload engines 
right now. I am going to hopefully be done reviewing everything this 
week, so again hopefully it should all be ready to go by 2.6.31.

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