Donald Williams wrote:
> Hi Mike,
>  Thanks for helping out.  When you say "Dell" fixed something, did you mean
> Dell / Equallogic or another part of Dell?  I'm not aware of anything
> Dell/EQL submitted but that doesn't mean anything. ;-)
>  What I'm seeing from the array logs are resets coming from the initiator.
> SATA001:MgmtExec:13-Jul-2009
> session to target '
>' f
> rom initiator ',' was
> closed.
>       *  iSCSI initiator connection failure.*
> *        Reset received on the connection.*
> The other message I see are these.   That haven't happened recently so
> possibly after upgrading to the new iSCSI code helped a little.
> 734030:720998:SATA001:MgmtExec:10-Jul-2009
> session to target '
> un1' from initiator ',
>' was closed.
>         *iSCSI initiator connection failure.*
> *        Connection was closed by peer.*
>  So, CHAP is getting involved since connections are dropping then having to

Yeah, that is what I said in the other mail. I am wondering why when the 
user does not use CHAP we do not see the problem.

> re-login.   Why they are dropping in the first place is a mystery.

See my other mails in the thread. We know the initiator is dropping the 
session, because the iscsi nop/ping did not complete within noop timeout 
seconds. We have this in the initiator log:

Jul 10 11:02:12 oim6102501 kernel: ping timeout of 10 secs expired, last
rx 16848993, last ping 16851493, now 16852743
Jul 10 11:02:12 oim6102501 kernel:  connection1:0: iscsi: detected conn
error (1011)

We do not know why the nop is not completing in time and why having chap 
off allows the user to not hit the problem.

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