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On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 09:41:58AM -0700, mala...@us.ibm.com wrote:
> > I've been playing with kvm (virtio_blk, writeback) -> dm_multipath 
> > (failover, queue_if_no_path) -> open-iscsi -> gigE -> IET on a new 
> > server, winding up the queue and segment lengths and I'm getting 
> > frequent disconnects during heavy writes from the KVM guest.  Wireshark 
> > shows a PDU with a incorrect DataDigest (sample at 
> > http://www.interspeed.co.nz/crcerr.pcap for a little while) just before 
> > IET resets the connection (reasonably, if it gets the same CRC mis-match).
> What kind of application are you using to generate the write I/O? It is

The application is KVM (qemu-kvm-0.10.5), running a single Debian Lenny
instance with the iscsi device visible to the guest as a virtio disk.
I've found running this on the guest is a pretty reliable way to produce
the problem:

        find / > /dev/null ; sync

The guest filesystems are ext3, so presumably journal flushes are the
trigger ...

> possible that a file system (or some other application) can modify the
> write buffer once it is submitted to the block layer. Any modification
> done after generating CRC is going cause CRC mismatch. This is a well
> known problem!

Do you mean a well known problem with zero-copy block devices or a well
known problem with iscsi with data digests?

I've been trawling through the code and if I understand correctly,
iscsi_sw_tcp_xmit_segment() uses iscsi_tcp_segment_done() to calculate
the digest after each sendpage or sendmsg.  Do you think the segment data
might be getting modified in between sendpage/sendmsg and packet assembly?

(sendpage looks to be sock_no_sendpage if data digests are enabled.)

If access to the segment data isn't exclusive during the execution of
iscsi_sw_tcp_xmit_segment(), then I suppose there is also the chance the
data might be altered between sendpage/sendmsg and crypto_hash_final()

(FWIW, the same thing happens with 871, built from source.)



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