On Jul 1, 8:10 am, Mike Christie <micha...@cs.wisc.edu> wrote:
> On 06/29/2009 06:25 AM, jeet2k123 wrote:
> > node.conn[0].timeo.noop_out_interval = 5
> > node.conn[0].timeo.noop_out_timeout = 5
> If you set these to zero or set them higher does it help. You have to
> rerun the discovery command so the new iscsid.conf values are picked up
> or if you have the tools from cenots 5.3 then you can just run
> iscsiadm -m node -o update -n node.conn[0].timeo.noop_out_interval -v 0
> iscsiadm -m node -o update -n node.conn[0].timeo.noop_out_timeout -v 0
> Or set this to
> iscsiadm -m node -o update -n node.conn[0].timeo.noop_out_interval -v 25
> iscsiadm -m node -o update -n node.conn[0].timeo.noop_out_timeout -v 25

i tried both the options, still im getting that same error :(

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