Did anyone install SLES11 on a multipath iSCSI device on power based
host? I installed on a single path to begin with. It booted fine with
/etc/yaboot.conf file. I created another path with "iscsiadm" command
(set node startup to onboot and configured multipath) and ran "mkinitrd"
to create a new initrd image. After running mkinitrd, the
/etc/yaboot.conf file was lost and yaboot seem to use 'built-in' conf
from now on. On a reboot, yaboot complained about 'corrupt' config file
and could NOT load anything (the exact error was, "Config file error:
Syntax error near line 8 in config"). I could boot the system by
specifying kernel image file and initrd file. The booted system has its
root file system image on a multipath iSCSI device. So, mkinitrd did
make correct initrd file but somehow switched the yaboot config. Anyone
know anything about this?

Thanks in advance.


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