I am sending the  open-iscsi based storage driver for ServerEngines
10 Gbps Adapter for review. The Adapter is Multi-Function device that
provides NIC/iSCSI/FCOE Functionality.

   The driver works in Full Hardware Offload mode utilizing the hooks provided
   by open-iscsi layer.

   This patch is made against the latest linus tree, 2.6.31-rc4.
   The series of  patches are described below:

   [PATCH 1/6]: This file contains all routines for Initiallization/Teardown, 
   registering with upper layers, IO Handling, allocation/free etc.

   [PATCH 2/6]: These are the low level routines to talk to the chip for 
   management commands.

   [PATCH 3/6]: The iscsi hooks to interact with open-iscsi layer.

   [PATCH 4/6]: The Firmware Commands that are used for Management action
   like setup /tear down a connection etc.

   [PATCH 5/6]: The Makefile and Kconfig for beiscsi driver.

   [PATCH 6/6]: The modified MAINTAINERS file with beiscsi added.

Thank You

Jayamohan Kallickal

Signed-off-by:  Jayamohan Kallickal <jayamoh...@serverengines.com>


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