Mike Christie wrote:
> The nasty problem with the code and this scenario is that we preallcoate 
> the tasks and itts. Once iscsi_eh_device_reset returns SUCCESS and 
> cleans up the tasks, the scsi layer can start sending us commands. We 
> could then allocate a task/itt that was used before and should have been 
> cleaned up. The target could then send us pdus for the cleaned up 
> task/itt while we are using the task/itt for a new command. Then Kablewly.

I think we can make this safer by seperateing the itt allocation from 
the task allocation. If we just let the itt increase and rollover then 
there we should not be getting collisions when the above happens.

So I guess we would just need to decide if the target should be sending 
r2ts at this time and what to do about it if anything.

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