On 29 Jul 2009 at 13:51, Mike Christie wrote:

> If you check the 
> LUN while an abort is sent, then you would prevent all IO to the LUN 
> from being executed instead of just the PDUs related to the specific 
> command being aborted. So while a abort is sent you do not want data-out 
> pdus sent for the task and you of course do not want the scsi cmd pdu 
> (we check that already before we prep the tmf). But you can send new 
> scsi cmd pdus for new tasks or send data-outs for other tasks.



I'm no SCSI guru, but I don't understand: If you are sending a command abort (I 
guess this is what we are talking about, or is it a target abort?) to a LUN, 
think it's reasonable to wait for the command to abort before sending any other 
commands to the target/LUN. Are your referring to different LUNs/targets when 
saying "new or other tasks"?


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