Ty! Boyack wrote:
> Folks,
> I really fear this one is a FAQ somewhere, but I can't find the answer 
> to it.
> My problem is that discovering new targets overwrites any custom 
> settings that have been applied to targets that already exist on a given 
> portal.
> Here is the sequence of events I'd like to do:
> 1) Create an iscsi target in our iscsi SAN (based on IET).
> 2) On the server that wants to use that target, do 'iscsiadm -m 
> discovery...' to discover the target.
> 3) We use chap, so set the username/password with 'iscsiadm -m node 
> -T... -o update...'
> 4) Log in and use that target.
> (Up to here everything is great)
> 5) Sometime in the future (hours to months) add a new target in the 
> iscsi SAN.
> 6) On the same server, do a discovery to discover this new target.
> 7) Set the username/password for the new target.
> 8) Log in to the new target and use the new target.
> The problem is that when we do the discovery in step 6, it wipes out the 
> username/password and any other customizations we've put in the record 
> for the target that was discovered in step 2.  When we have only a few 
> targets it's easy enough to reset all the username/passwords, but this 
> is going to get cumbersome when we have quite a few targets.
> Is there a way to discover a new target without overwriting the existing 
> target database?

What version of open-iscsi are you using? In newer versions you can do:

iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -ip -o new -o delete

This will add new records for portals not in the db using iscsid.conf 
info and delete portals that are not returned by the target.

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