On 4 Aug 2009 at 1:16, Rainer Bläs wrote:

> Thanks for your answer!
> Yes, by using "#iscsiadm -m iface -I ethN, N=1...6" we can have 6
> iSCSI sessions.
> But now there is the question "HOWTO assign an initiator name for EACH
> session"?

I think the concept is that one physical machine has one initiator name, maybe 
because you can access the same LUN via different sessions.
BTW: The documentation for the HP-UX iSCSI Initiator has a nice documentation 
explains the basics of iSCSI. It can be found at http://docs.hp.com
I'm not sue about the exact title, but it's similar to "Software Initiator 

> For one iSCSI session it can be found in the /etc/iscsi/
> initiatorname.iscsi File:
> InitiatorName=iqn.1986-03.com.hp:Ethernet1
> Can it be done by adding these 5 entries
> InitiatorName=iqn.1986-03.com.hp:Ethernet2
> InitiatorName=iqn.1986-03.com.hp:Ethernet3
> InitiatorName=iqn.1986-03.com.hp:Ethernet4
> InitiatorName=iqn.1986-03.com.hp:Ethernet5
> InitiatorName=iqn.1986-03.com.hp:Ethernet6
> or which syntax has to be used?
> Rainer

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