On 08/04/2009 01:25 AM, Hannes Reinecke wrote:
>> Also what is up with the simple patch? Did that work? I am not sure
>> there is any point in doing the above patch, if we do not also fix the
>> queueing. When the above patch hits EACCESS then because that task is at
>> the head we will just retry the same one and no new IO to any other lun
>> or task is sent. This is the same as the simple patch.
> Actually I only tested with this patch, and it looked to me as if the
> spurious PDUs I've seen are now gone.

Did you have a patch for this that I can add for 2.6.32?

I think I can fix the problem where tasks behind one that gets a EACCESS 
get stuck. I think if we move the list deltion code around and add some 
code to track the head, we can do this. The problem is that the ordering 
of execution could get mangled, but that happens in the eh and other 
paths right now already.

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