Mike Christie wrote:
>> The target iSCSI layer:
>> - MUST wait for responses on currently valid target-transfer tags of the
>>   affected tasks from the issuing initiator.
>> So, a 'wait' clearly indicates some sort of timer on the target side.
>> However, what should be the response if not all ttt are being received
>> from the initiator?
> I think the target should do what it does when this happens and a tmf is 
> not being sent. Depending on the erl the target can send a recovery r2t, 
> it can start connection recovery, it can resort to session recovery.

Hey, I forgot the rfc quote. It was 10.5.1:

    target on its part MUST wait for responses on all affected target
    transfer tags before acting on either of these two task management
    requests.  In case all or part of the response sequence is not
    received (due to digest errors) for a valid TTT, the target MAY treat
    it as a case of within-command error recovery class (see Section Recovery Within-command) if it is supporting
    ErrorRecoveryLevel >= 1, or alternatively may drop the connection to
    complete the requested task set function.

For the digest errors part, I was not sure if it only meant digest 
errors. I thought it could mean any old problem. Also I thought the 
abort task set comment would hit the multi task abort comment in 5048.

> We should probably take this to the ips list, because it does also say 
> we MUST continue to respond to each TTT received for the affected tasks. 
> My reading was that we should just never end up in a situation where we 
> have TTTs and get a tmf response that indicates the tmf completed ok at 
> the same time.

So I am really not 100% sure, so if you do not agree with me here is the 
mail I wanted to send to the ips list:

For a single connection session without FastAbort, if the initiator has 
sent a lun reset and the target has sent a R2T, is it ok for the target 
to send a task management response with Function Complete, before the 
initiator has sent the data-out pdus for the R2T? If the target does 
return the task management function with Function Complete, should the 
initiator continue to respond to the R2Ts?

What about if FastAbort was negotiated for? Does it make a difference?

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