Mike Christie wrote:
>>> Oh yeah, I removed the suspend check in iscsi_sw_tcp_xmit_segment, but
>>> we can still hit the exception in #2. If we hit the sendtmo, then part
>>> of the pdu could be sent. We would then hit another suspend bit check
>>> higher up or if you use that one patch where EAGAIN got changed to
>>> ENOBUFS then we are going to exit from iscsi_data_xmit. If you are using
>>> your cmdsn patch, you can also exit from iscsi_data_xmit early.
>> No, we're not hitting sndtimeo. I've got traces there which do _not_
> I am not saying you were hitting the sendtmo. I am saying you can hit 
> it.  If you are running sendpage, the window/mem can close and you can 
> hit the sendtimeo, and you will hit the problem above. It does not 
> matter if the suspend bit is set or not.
> I am just saying if you are worried about this problem for SLES, and are 
> going to add some code in there then you can hit the problem still.

I mean you can hit the problem without the suspend check I added then 
removed, because there are other things that can make iscsi_xmitworker 
return in the middle of sending a pdu or in the middle of sending 
(sndtimo) or before sending a pdu that you want to send (your cmdsn patch).

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