Mike Christie wrote:
> Matthew Schumacher wrote:
>> Mike Christie wrote:
>>>>> I found another issue:  When using open-iscsi-2.0_869.2 on
>>>>> everything works as described above.  You can restart iscsid and all is
>>>>> well.  If I switch to open-iscsi-2.0_871_2 
>>>> Where did you get 871.2? There is only a 871 on open-iscsi.org.
>>>> I think I can hit this. The problem seems to be we are trying to bind a 
>>>> session when we should not be. I will make a up a patch for testing.
>>> The problem I am seeing only occurs if you have do not have a record 
>>> when you restart iscsid. In this case, we will use the settings in 
>>> sysfs, but this also includes the local ip address. For software iscsi 
>>> we cannot bind by ip address, and we will try to set up the offload 
>>> stuff, so we either fail to reconnect or we might fail in a crazier way.
>> Your right, it's just plain 871.  I must have put the .2 on because of
>> 869.2.  Anyway, I doubt this is a problem in the user space because I
>> can use iscsid from either version just fine as long as I use the
>> modules from 869.2.  If I use the modules and user space from 871 then
>> restarting iscsid causes a lost connection.
> I just tried that combo and it worked for me.
> Could you try all 871 stuff, and run iscsid like this
> iscsid -d 8 -f &
> This will redirect lots of log output to the console. Can you send that?

Mike, I haven't had a chance to post yet, but that patch you send did
fix the problem.  I'll try and both the new and old iscsid binary and
see if I can get some debug for you.


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