On 08/17/2009 10:00 AM, Hannes Reinecke wrote:
> However, I still have the feeling there still is potential
> for an I/O stall; this iscsi_check_cmdsn_window_closed() check
> simply doesn't feel safe.

Do you still have that test in iscsi_data_xmit or iscsi_xmit_task? If so 
there are the other problems I mentioned in the patch you modified 
iscsi_update_cmdsn's iscsi_conn_queue_work call.

If you just mean the iscsi_check_cmdsn_window_closed call in 
iscsi_queuecommand, then I have been hitting problems with fcoe.ko when 
it returns SCSI_MLQUEUE_HOST_BUSY. The throughput drops from 1XX MB/s to 
a couple MB/s. I thought there might be bug in the 

If you know the window size of your target you can remove the 
iscsi_check_cmdsn_window_closed call and set can_queue to it. Or you can 
also just set the can_queue to 1 command and see if you still hit the 
same problem.

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