Hi there--

I just got a new machine with the Broadcom 5709 iSCSI offload enabled.
I thought I'd try it out.

Because the machine was a dell, I used the provided dkms packages for
bnx2i version 1.2.14--this is on kernel 2.6.18-128.7.1.el5xen.

I wasn't expecting any miracles, but write speed looks to be about
half full software initiator speed, and read speeds are below 1MB/sec.

With the software initiator I was seeing near wire speeds, 111MB/sec
write, 90MB/sec reads...

Anyone else have similar experiences with the Broadcom offload engine?



Chris Chen <muffal...@gmail.com>
"The fact that yours is better than anyone else's
is not a guarantee that it's any good."
-- Seen on a wall

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