On 02/05/2009 01:23 PM, Anil Veerabhadrappa wrote:
> +enum net_cfg_param {
> +     /* MAC address list for all devices managed by the transports,
> +      * bnx2i/cxgb3, qla4xxx */
> +     /* Given a MAC address driver will return device attributes such
> +      * as scsi_host no, netdev name, etc' */
> +     /* give a MAC address, return IP address info for network interfaces
> +      * configured */
> +     /* return IP address info of all network interfaces configured for
> +      * the given netdev name */
> +     /* return IP address info of all network interfaces configured for
> +      * the given scsi host number */
> +};

Hey Anil,

I am working on this so we can set net params for offload cards like 
qla4xxx and be2iscsi, and I would like to also make sure we can use it 
to set vlan stuff or any other net params for drivers like bnx2i.

I was wondering though why above some commands are more net based (pass 
in a MAC addr or netdev and get params), but in the patches you ended up 
sending the set_net_config netlink event used the host_no.

If I use the set_net_config like how you defined it using the host_no 
instead of some net value like the MAC, do you see any problems? Or did 
you hit problems using values like the MAC, so is that why you ended up 
using the host no?


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