On 02/07/2009 12:32 AM, Mike Christie wrote:
> This patch is from Fedora. The problem is that some distros are starting
> iscsid in anticipation that iscsi might be needed, and it turns out it
> might never be :( So this patch has the iscsi tools start iscsid only
> when they first need it for login/discovery.
> The original patch had some Fedora start command hardcoded. I modified
> that patch so in the attached, you set the startup command in
> /etc/iscsi/iscsid.conf. For upstream I just have it start iscsid. When I
> merge the patch I will modify it to run some command in the init script
> so that everything gets set up right (subsys locks get touched, and
> modules are loaded).

Merged in commit dd61cb863559297b89b5b41f7320760372883b1c for the next 
release. Thanks Hans. Sorry for the long wait. Working on libiscsi.

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