The main purpose of my using iscsi is to implement remote disk

When I installed iscsi-target on Dell machine and using the whole disk
to be the target:
 Lun 0 Path=/dev/sda,Type=fileio

then on my ibm x3550 machine (with two NICs) , I first configure  NIC1
and NIC2 with different MAC addresses in /etc/iscsi/ifaces/iface0 and
iface1, and then I  use iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p ip -I iface1 -l
to discovery and login the iscsi discovery.

To test the  write and read speed of remote disk, I first use hdparm -
t /dev/sdb to get the speed of timing buffered disk reads: less than
More, I directly using dd if=/dev/sdb of=/home/my.dd ibs=32k to copy
the whole disk, it consume very much time, as slow as 10 MB/s.

Later, I let IBM x3550 machine to be the iscsi-target, and Dell
machine to be the initiator, and do the procedure as above, I found
that the speed of hdparm command can obtain about 80-100 MB/s, and
also the command of dd a 40GB hard disk can be finished within
15 minutes (about 50 MB/s).

I found that as long as I use other machine(only with one Nic), it
will not emerge the above circumstance. That is to say, whatever it be
an initiator or target, the remote read and write speed will not be
quite different. But, on machine with two NICs, it will perfor so

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