On 09/07/2009 06:31 AM, Angel L. Mateo wrote:
> El vie, 04-09-2009 a las 10:46 -0500, Mike Christie escribió:
>> You cannot use this transport with the upstream open-iscsi tools. The
>> 2.6.31 kernel will have a bnx2i driver for that card, but you will still
>> need a special broadcom daemon to use the offload capabilites of the
>> card. Broadcom and other offload guys like Chelsio are working on
>> merging a common daemon/lib into the open-iscsi package right now.
>       But, open-iscsi reports me that transport:
> felis305:~# iscsiadm -m iface
> default tcp,default,default,unknown
> iser iser,default,default,unknown
> bnx2i bnx2i,default,default,unknown

That should be removed now. It got in there by accident. At one point 
Broadcom was hoping that you could just use the normal netdev tools for 
network setup, and so for iscsi setup you could just tell it to use 
bnx2i. It did not work out, so we have to set params like the ip address.

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