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> Subject: iscsid crashes on disconnect (using Dell MD3000i)
> Hi!
> I'm having a bit of an odd issue - when using open iscsi to connect to
> a Dell MD3000i, everything works well.  I've managed to get everything
> running with multipath and lvm (the Dell exposes 4 connetions, I'm
> connecting to all 4 and using multipath to fail over).  However, when
> disconnecting from the iSCSI unit, iscsid stops unexpectedly.  One of
> the four connections gets closed successfully but then iscsid crashes
> and the other 3 connections stay up.  If I disconnect them one at a
> time, each disconnect triggers a crash.

Is Chap configured? The issue sounds similar to a known issue which has
been fixed with the newer initiator versions. You could verify with the
initiator pointed by Mike.

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