Matthew Schumacher wrote:
> Matthew Schumacher wrote:
>> Thanks Mike, I'll try another kernel and report back.
> If I use kernels,, or (what I had on hand)
> I get the very same error message after iscsi connects:
> scsi2 : iSCSI Initiator over TCP/IP
> scsi scan: INQUIRY result too short (5), using 36
> Why it works in my initram fs is beyond me.
> One thing that is interesting is what /sys/bus/scsi/devices shows.
> I see a host entry for iscsi, but no targets or devices.  It looks like
> everything comes up except the scsi layer.
> schu

Ok, I'm a complete retard.  It's very embarrassing to admit publicly,
but I failed to bind a lun to the target on the iscsi server side so
that is why it didn't find one.  Sounds like I need to slow down and
only work one project at a time.

Sorry for the waisted time, hopefully this will help someone in the future.


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