On 09/30/2009 06:11 AM, Hannes Reinecke wrote:
> Hi all,
> just to share with you some more tidbits:
> If you enable 'CHAP' with a MSA2012i, the username
> is actually _not_ empty (like eg the MPX100 required it),
> but rather the initiatorname.

Do you think we should put target info in some new target quirk file or 
in the README?

> And the Name and Secret for mutual CHAP are username_in
> and password_in.

It is probably best to put that in the iscsid.conf by those settings. I 
think users will see it there, and I am not sure if they would see it in 
the README or man page.

> I probably should put this out in a webpage somewhere.
> Mike, can't we put it in the documentation for open-iscsi
> somewhere? I guess I won't be the only one fighting
> with these issues ...

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