Taylor wrote:
> Yes I am referring to SLES 10 SP2.  Not Open Suse.
> When I goto https://bugzilla.novell.com/query.cgi, under products they
> list Open Suse and the SLERT (real time) Linux, but nothing for SLES
> So where would I post this at?
Well, normally you would have a valid contract and a named
alliance manager which would help you to do so.

Alternatively grab the kernel sources for SLES 10 SP2 and do
the patch yourself. I'll be gladly giving you all the hints
you need to do so. And will be helping you testing and pushing
it upstream.

But currently I'm way too busy to do it myself; the I/O stall
issue I'm fighting with in SLES10, SLES11, and most likely
upstream, too, is still present. And quite a lot of customer
complain about it.



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