I get the following in my logs:
Missing or Invalid version from /sys/module/scsi_transport_iscsi/
version. Make sure a up to date scsi_transport_iscsi module is loaded
and a up todate version of iscsid is running. Exiting...

# lsmod|grep iscsi
iscsi_tcp              13884  0
libiscsi_tcp           16660  1 iscsi_tcp
libiscsi               42268  2 iscsi_tcp,libiscsi_tcp

I did have iscsi built-in at one time, but I have since rebuilt the
kernel with it modular. I even did a make mrproper just to make sure
everything was clean.

This is with a 2.6.32-rc3(ish) kernel. (kvm.git pull from earlier
today to be exact)

Anybody got any ideas?

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