niko scsi wrote:
> I found initiator sent data twice ,check scsi_pass_through_err.cap
> file
> at frame 4 and frame 5 ,thank you very much !
> I wanna to look inside the code but don't know where to start .

Is the command you are trying to execute a bidirectional command. If so 
then the datasn is just off. It looks like we send a mode select, then 
the target sends a r2t (so the exp data sn is incremented to 1), then we 
send a data out, then the target sends a data in but the datasn is 0 
when it should be 1 (for bidi commands you have to take into account the 
  r2ts and data ins).

If you are not doing a bidi command, then I am not sure I have seen a 
data-in in this type of sequence. I think we normally see a data in with 
ok status in a read command. For your command it seems like we should 
have got a scsi cmd response pdu.

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