Mike Christie wrote:
> Paul Cooper wrote:
>> I have something interesting going on with VMWare (yea I know not open 
>> source but I tried) VS ISCSI.
>> I am getting a "duplicate IP address" message being reported on the 
>> server that is provisioning the LUNS. not sure if it is a symptom or a 
> Is the dupplicate IP on the target, and vmware is reporting that is 
> seeing duplicate IPs on the target? It could be that you have two ports 
> on the server/initiator, and when it logs into the target it is seeing 
> the same IP through different paths. So maybe it is just a warning about 
> having mupltipe paths to the same portal? Just a initial wild guess from 
> what I thought I understood.
>> cause. any thoughts or anybody heard of this?
>> regards
>> Paul (long time reader 1st time caller)
> >
This is one of our customers in the midwest... they have not been too 
willing to come up with logs or any thing.. I think it is more user 
error then any real trouble. seems they just sent off a panic email 
stating they were getting ip configuration errors and wanted me to 
diagnose the issue with out giving me any real details... I was casting 
a wide net to see what other people thought. I think the resolution was 
to set the lun machine to static ip and all of the virtual machines to 
dhcp that seemed to correct the issue. other then that I am not sure 
what they did

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