Erez Zilber wrote:
> Mike,
> Can open-iscsi utilize the multiqueue feature
> ( in order to improve performance? If
> yes, does it require any change in open-iscsi? Did you try to measure
> the performance improvement?

I am not sure about any of the above :) People have been sending 
questions about multi queue (there is tx multiqueue like in the link you 
provided and recv multiqueue too right) and also DCB/DCBX in private and 
at work, and I have only begun to start to try it out.

My initial quess was that we can take advantage of multiqueue without 
any changes when using software iscsi. I thought the network layer would 
handle things for us like it would any other net traffic that uses the 
sendpage/sendmsg interface.

For partial offload like with cxgb3i and bnx2i, I am not sure. They both 
use different interfaces into the net driver/card.

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