What version of OiS are you using?  I had lots of weirdness and the  
same types of disconnects to our Dell EqualLogic when we were  
(actually still are in production) using 868 code.  I'm now using open- 
iscsi-871 code plus a sendwait patch and haven' had the issue.  I've  
now been slamming my storage for a week and a half with multiple  
threads of dt.

On Nov 9, 2009, at 4:33 AM, Santi Saez wrote:

> El 06/11/09 14:10, mdaitc escribió:
> Hi mdaitc,
>> I’m seeing similar TCP “weirdness” as the other posts mention as   
>> well
>> as the below errors.
> (..)
>> Nov  2 08:15:14 backup kernel:  connection33:0: detected conn error
>> The performance isn’t what I’d expect:
> (..)
> What happens if you disable TCP window scaling option in RHEL servers?
> # echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_window_scaling
> In our case, iSCSI "conn errors" stopped after disabling, but still  
> have
> a lot of TCP “weirdness” in the network, mainly dup ACKs packages.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Santi Saez
> http://woop.es
> >

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