Hoot, Joseph wrote:
> it was for OiS 871 code prior to RHEL 5.4 release (not sure if the  
> release include it or not).  I'm not sure who came up with it.  I was  
> working with Don Williams from Dell EqualLogic.  He got ahold of it  
> somehow.  I applied it and it seemed to improve things.

Ah ok. I think it was the patch I sent to Don.

If you just used 871 without the patch (or what is in the stock RHEL 5.4 
kernel) does it work ok? There were a couple changes from 868 to 871 
that I thought would also fix the problem, so I was waiting for Don and 
them to retest just 871 and get back to me.

> On Nov 9, 2009, at 2:31 PM, Mike Christie wrote:
>> Hoot, Joseph wrote:
>>> What version of OiS are you using?  I had lots of weirdness and the
>>> same types of disconnects to our Dell EqualLogic when we were
>>> (actually still are in production) using 868 code.  I'm now using  
>>> open-
>>> iscsi-871 code plus a sendwait patch and haven' had the issue.  I've
>> What is the sendwait patch? Is it a patch for open-iscsi or to the
>> kernel network code?
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