Hello group

I am running a number of HP blade servers in a C7200 enclosure.
Several of them have access to individual LUN's on an MSA 2012i using
open-iscsi. Recently, however, I have experienced unexplained hangs of
the servers in question and the only appearent thing they have in
common (beside being blade servers) is that they have access to the IP-

When the servers fail, they do so in a fashion where they will still
respond to, for example, ping requests. But they refuse to respond to
higher level access, such as spawning a shell for login. This means
that when the error occurs, I cannot even log into the machines to
troubleshoot the problem (regardless of remote or local login), even
though the console greeting is printed readily.

My question is primarily whether this sounds like something the iscsi-
driver could cause and, equally importantly, how one would go about
troubleshooting the issue. One thing that makes it particularly
elusive is that I cannot seem to provoke the error state and it does
not occur very often (at least not while the platform is not yet in
full production).

Possibly relevant information follows:

OS: centos-release-5-3.el5.centos.1
iscsi version: iscsid version 2.0-868
MSA: Current Storage Controller Code Version J210P12

I can, and have started, upgrades to more recent versions of all
three. However, those were the versions running when the problem was
caused last -- and since I cannot provoke it, I have no real way of
knowing if version upgrades will solve the issue (unless someone in
this group can confirm that it will, of course).

Thank you for any advice you could offer.


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