bjornnoss wrote:
> Why did it not work the first time, and do have have to issue the
> depmod -a command after every reboot of the system before modprobe
> iscsi_tcp witch is done in the open-iscsi startup script? Any other
> things a have to be awere of befause of this?

Not sure yet. I cannot replicate it here and no one follows up :)

In fedora at least, when I run make install I get this:
make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/src/kernels/'

and the depmod step above will edit 
So when I do modprobe iscsi_tcp (or when the init script does it) it 
loads fine.

Maybe it is due to a diff in fedora and debian.

Could you tell me when you run make install or depmod -a does a file in 
/lib/modules/$your_kernel/modules.dep get updated or created? In that 
file do you see some info for libiscsi_tcp? When you reboot your system 
is the file still there?

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