I am in the process of setting up my first iscsi boot environment and
i am using open-scsi as the initiator for my nodes. I am followiing
this excellent tute: http://www.etherboot.org/wiki/sanboot/debian_etch_iscsi

As the tute states, the fwparam_ibft executable is not part of debian
install, and so I set forth to compile it manually per the
instructions. However it didn't quite work out as I had hoped. First I
had alot of errors like these:

undefined reference to `strlcpy'

I fixed that by copying the strlcpy and strlcat implementations from
postgreSQL from here: http://doxygen.postgresql.org/strlcat_8c-source.html
into a new file strl.c and incorporating that into the Makefile

However when I try to create the fwparam_ibft executalbe that the
original tute talks about after meding the strl* problem, it now
complains that there is no main function. And indeed after grep'ing
the whole dir there are no main functions to be seen for fwparam_ibft

This leads me to the following question:

1.How can i obtain the fwparam_ibft binary or the current equivalent/
2.What changes must be made to the build instructions and the boot
scripts mentioned in that tute?



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