On 12/08/2009 09:15 PM, Yangkook Kim wrote:
> Hi, you are back.
>> I think for your patch, you want to include open_iscsi_compat.h in it.
> I included open_iscsi_compat.h and created a patch. Please check it.
> I have a quetion about creating a patch agaist files in sub-directory.
> I used "git diff" to output the patch, but each hunk of outputted
> patch includes "kernel/" sub-directory.
> e.g
> diff --git a/kernel/libiscsi.c b/kernel/libiscsi.c
> index 0b810b6..6ffb49c 100644
> --- a/kernel/libiscsi.c
> +++ b/kernel/libiscsi.c
> However, "kernel/" sub-directory in the compat patch will prevent you
> from making and your current compat patch is actually
> does't have "kernel/" sub-directory.
> e.g
> diff --git a/libiscsi.c b/libiscsi.c
> index 149d5eb..467abbf 100644
> --- a/libiscsi.c
> +++ b/libiscsi.c
> How do I make a patch without the sub-directory?
> Since I didn't know how to do it, I simply remove the sub-directory by,,,
> sed -i 's%a\/kernel%a%g' update_2.6.26_compat.patch2
> sed -i 's%b\/kernel%b%g' update_2.6.26_compat.patch2
> But, this obviously isn't the way to do it...It will be very appriciated
> if you tell me the right way to do it.
> Thanks.

At the time I wrote the "patching" in Makefile we were using svn. I even
included instructions on how to generate the patch file for submission.

Now when we are using git, the procedure should be fixed. I think all you
have to do is put a -p0 on the "patch" command line (In Makefile). Please
experiment with it and send a patch to fix the Makefile. (Do you need that
I do it? Just that I haven't checked out a tree for a year)



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