Ulrich Windl wrote:
> On 15 Dec 2009 at 10:32, Geoff Galitz wrote:
>>> You might want to post to linux-kernel or linux-scsi list. The iscsi
>>> initiator does not control this, but I think there are some scsi or
>>> block layer tools that can do it if the target/disk supports it.
>> I'll do that. I did try to use sgmode to enable this, but that just did not
>> work.
> Actually I think if you can't do it on the remote end (i.e. target), the 
> initiator 
> will also fail, because iSCSI just transports the request to the target.

I think Geoff and I were talking about using a tool like from sg3_utils, 
which sends scsi commands to the target. The scsi commands can change 
settings or do things like fail over a lun/controller. You are right 
though. The iscsi stuff has nothing to do with it. The scsi commands are 
just sent over iscsi. And it would be strange not to have a user 
friendly interface on the target, but allow you to do it with sg utils.


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