Alex Zeffertt wrote:
> Please could the attached patch be considered for inclusion in the open-iscsi 
> source.
> Regards,
> Alex Zeffertt
> Changelog:
> ---------
> iSCSI Boot Firmware Tables are able to specify up to two iSCSI targets, but 
> until now open-iscsi has only been able to display/attach one of these.
> This change enables open-iscsi to display/attach both targets when the iBFT 
> contains two valid entries.  The following commands are affected:

>   iscsiadm -m fw [-l]
>   iscsistart -b
>   iscsistart -f

Thanks for working on this! I think, though, that this was already done 
for you.

What code did you make the patch over? Could you look at the 
open-iscsi.git code
git clone git://
  or even the current release
should have it.


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