Mike Christie wrote:
> Alex Zeffertt wrote:
>> Mike Christie wrote:
>>> Alex Zeffertt wrote:
>>>> Please could the attached patch be considered for inclusion in the 
>>>> open-iscsi 
>>>> source.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Alex Zeffertt
>>>> Changelog:
>>>> ---------
>>>> iSCSI Boot Firmware Tables are able to specify up to two iSCSI targets, 
>>>> but 
>>>> until now open-iscsi has only been able to display/attach one of these.
>>>> This change enables open-iscsi to display/attach both targets when the 
>>>> iBFT 
>>>> contains two valid entries.  The following commands are affected:
>>>>   iscsiadm -m fw [-l]
>>>>   iscsistart -b
>>>>   iscsistart -f
>>> Thanks for working on this! I think, though, that this was already done 
>>> for you.
>>> What code did you make the patch over? Could you look at the 
>>> open-iscsi.git code
>>> git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mnc/open-iscsi.git
>>>   or even the current release
>>> http://www.open-iscsi.org/bits/open-iscsi-2.0-871.tar.gz
>>> should have it.
>> Ah, so it does!  I was using open-iscsi-2.0-870-rc1, rather than the current 
>> git 
>> tree, because that's what was in the open-iscsi RPM from CentOS 5.4 I was 
>> modifying.
>> Hmm, just my luck that between 2.0-870-rc1 and 2.0-871 the equivalent 
>> changesets 
>> went in!  Anyway, thanks for letting me know.
>> I'd still really appreciate it if someone looked at my other patch which 
>> adds a 
>> "-n" option to iscsistart, to bring up the NICs based on the contents of the 
>> iBFT.  Is there already a plan afoot to do this?  If there isn't I'll 
>> happily 
>> rebase that patch against the tip of the git repo if it helps get it 
>> accepted.
> I was working on making it possible for iscsistart/iscsiadm to use that 
> info to setup the iscsi offload cards from broadcom and chelsio and 
> possibly serverengines (not exactly sure if SE will need it since it can 
> store its net values in flash).
> I do not think anyone was working on making those iscsi tools set up the 
> net interfaces in the non offload case. I thought distros were going to 
> parse the info spit out from the iscsi tools then they were going to run 
> some script to set up the net. But if they like the iscsi tools to do 
> this for them, then rebase your patch so we can merge it.

Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply.  I'll rebase the patch and send it on when I 
back to work in the new year.

I think it's unlikely that RH initrds will support using the NIC configuration 
in iBFTs if they have to employ a script to extract the config from the iscsi 
tools.  The reason I say this is that RH initrds use the nash shell which is 
just too basic to do any sort of scripting.  However, if they can do it by just 
adding a single line to the initrd (e.g. "/sbin/iscsistart -n") then the NIC 
info in the iBFT stands a better chance of getting used.




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